Live Tonight: Birdcage Riot

Birdcage Riot Sort of pretty, sort of math-y, sometimes shambolic, Providence’s Birdcage Riot cover a lot of ground on these two tracks. Tonight they’re at AS220 with Undomskulen, who are from Norway and described as such:

“This terrific trio from Bergen, Norway favour trebly, jazz-toned guitar skronk, syncopated bass and walloping, post-hardcore drums, but separate out each sound, then sharpen and polish them until the finished combination threatens to put your eye out. Fans of Sonic Youth, Battles, Fugazi, Liars and very possibly The Rapture should get down to one of these shows.” (Time Out)

AS220: Birdcage Riot, Undomskulen (Norway), Oversized Sweater 9pm, $6

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