My Woody’s Outside, Covered With Snow.

surfing So, some random Wikipedia searching today led me to the page called ‘Music of Rhode Island,’ and I noticed learned something totally crazy. Not that there’s no page for Wadsworth Mansion and not that “WBRU is unquestionably the hub of local music”–I just edited that out, by the way–but I think it’s crazy that one of my favorite songs of the sixties–one I even covered once–is by a pair of Italian-American Providence boys!  I had always assumed it was four or five dudes from Southern California.”New York’s A Lonely Town” is a bittersweet song about a poor Cali surfer who moves to the East Coast with his parents, only to find out that the Big Apple is a lonely, snowy place in the winter.The Trade Winds started life as a trio called The Videls, who had a hit song in 1960 called”Mister Lonely” (which shouldn’t be confused with the Bobby Vinton/Akon crapstravaganzas.) It’s totally impossible to find anything about the Videls because Google insists that you’re just misspelling “videos”, but whatever. Pete Andreoli and Vini Poncia, two thirds of the group, went on to work with Phil Spector, co-writing one of the best Ronettes songs (“(The Best Part of) Breakin’ Up“) as well as “Ringo, I Love You,” the first single that Cher (under the name Bonnie Jo Mason) ever recorded. Stereo Total also do a mean “Ringo I Love You,” and here’s a totally boring Youtube fan video to prove it.Anyway, then Andreoli (who changed his name to Anders) and Poncia formed the Trade Winds, got up to #32 with “New York’s A Lonely Town,” and followed it up with a song called “(Take A) Mind Excursion.” They changed their name to The Innocence the next year and hit the top 40 one last time with the wonderfully-titled but mildly wimpy “There’s Got To Be A Word!” which got up to #34. They broke up shortly after releasing their only album.The fairly ungrammatical Wikipedia entry has all kinds of other info, too, like this little piece of trivia:

“Ander invited many friends including Jay and the American’s and Bobby Bloom (who had a hit with Montego Bay) to record in the studio and back him up in demo recordings of his songs. Bloom was hired to produce a Pepsi jingle, part of which was recorded at Map City Records.Several years later Bloom accidentally shot himself (fatally) while cleaning a gun, in front of his wife and good friend Peter Anders, who later married Bloom’s widow.”

Crazy, non?

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