Gee gosh, what would Spidey do?

spidey Come on America… NUT UP! When did we become a nation of such fraidy-babies? The Providence Journal reports today that Attorney General Patrick Lynch is one of 21 state AG’s who have signed a letter “supporting immunity for the telephone companies accused of illegally turning over the telephone records of millions of Americans”. This is the level of insight one can expect from a man whose legal inspiration comes from comic book superheros. Happily, the attorneys general from several other states are capable of more nuanced thought, and are taking the other side of the issue. This unfettered surveillance does not make us one bit safer.

Perhaps Patrick should consider a new brass plaque for the front of his office building. Instead of Stan Lee, how about this?

“Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security”

… Benjamin Franklin

2 thoughts on “Gee gosh, what would Spidey do?”

  1. Don’t buy into the security nonsense. Has nothing to do with that.

    What Patrick Lynch has signed on to is eternal corporate dominance of every aspect of our lives. Yay!

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