It’s strange to be so happy with the Projo

Wind Farm But I am. Go, Projo, go! Keep hammering away on the urgency of developing a renewables-based economy in Rhode Island. I’m really hopeful about many of the conversations happening at the Assembly this year — please stay tuned, and be on call to nag the hell out of your elected officials.

We have the potential to be a national leader here — push the rest of the country forward, develop a ton of jobs, reduce pollution, and achieve energy independence.

It would be better to at least quickly try out some of these ideas in some of the more obvious places — the state has plenty of unnavigable reefs and shoals for wind turbines, and wave-power generators could go just about anywhere — and then study the results and proceed expeditiously from there. If Rhode Island were to get in on the ground floor of the renewable-energy business, there would be major spin-off opportunities. Who knows? Maybe an Australian firm that wants to sell us wave-energy generators would like to set up a production facility here, say at Quonset, where a wind-turbine maker could join it.

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