Carigura Would Have Brushed

Awesome/crappy Hong Kong garage band covers The Smiths.

5 thoughts on “Carigura Would Have Brushed”

  1. Well it’s not “my” blog, I just happen to work here. But thanks for reading, and thanks for calling me out on my bullshit. That should happen more often!

  2. It’s your blog, so whatever, but that’s not how I heard him sing it.

  3. Who’s “making fun of Asian accents”? If you listen to it, that’s how he says it, and I thought it was charming. Americans, myself included, talk funny too.

  4. I agree with Tom – WTF with the “Asian” accent thing? Anyway, it’s Japanese that has an overlapping r/l sound; in Chinese, they are totally distinct, so that was an ignorant headline on a few levels.

  5. Hong Kong band covering the Smiths = kind of awesome
    Making fun of Asian accents = not so cool

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