Nut Up! Part Deux

Angelou book I know why the democrats lose.

A check today of the 2008 Democratic National Convention website indicates that the schedule of speakers remains fluid and suggestions are being accepted. Here’s mine… no more goddam poetry! Who ever came up with this idea, and when was Maya Angelou tenured into the position? Whenever she gets up there to kick off the convention with her insipid benedictions, you can just hear the unemployed factory workers stampeding for the exits. Please Maya, for the good of the party, be busy that weekend. (Her website does not indicate her summer plans, but you can buy one of her Life Mosaic greeting cards from the Hallmark Collection, ‘Celebrating You’.)

I abhor the current climate of anti-intellectualism as much as the next person, but I am getting a little nostalgic for the cigar-chomping, ham-fisted conventioneers of yore.

I am hopeful that, being in Colorado, the convention planners may take a more mid-western ‘regular Joe’ approach to the event planning. For instance, just yesterday they went out to the Draft Horse and Mule Show and selected Mordecai as the official donkey mascot. Good start.

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