Our history with tape art

Tape Art, Disappointment Two-thirds of the Daily Dose used to live in the heck-hole at right. Best of times and worst of times and all that, leaving us with great fondness and resentment of the tape-art that adorned our walls and ceilings and floors and sometimes bodies.

We’re happier with the medium now, for the apartment’s tortuous demise — and psyched to check out the Tape Art Artaquarium, going down at the 5 Traverse Gallery for the next few weeks, and described thusly:

Utilizing a carefully selected low-adhesive Drawing Tape, we practice and teach a method to create temporary, large-scale murals and installations designed to interact considerately with both viewer and environment. The literal and figurative flexibility of our Drawing Tape allows for a fantastic range of possibility in both the act and artwork. Tape Art demonstrates a dynamic, collaborative process that invigorates not only the drawn-on space, but the viewer’s perception of that space’s possibilities.

There are photos and a live stream online, as the artists (who may or may not have once resided in Providence Place Mall) live and work at the gallery.

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