Reps get cutesy

For those who missed the political scene yesterday: 

Who’s the real minority on Smith Hill?

The Republicans, with fewer legislators, are certainly the minority party in the General Assembly.

But after a group of black and Latino representatives calling itself “the minority caucus” held a news conference blasting the Republican governor’s budget cuts last week, some at the State House decided it was time for a little clarification.

Rep. Anastasia Williams, a Providence Democrat, offered a distinction, telling colleagues that she is a member of the minority caucus but, obviously, not the Republican caucus.

But East Greenwich Republican Robert A. Watson, the House minority leader, asserted that “the Rhode Island House Minority Caucus is referring to the minority party. … It is referring to the Republicans, unfortunately because we’re not the majority party.”

Despite those comments, Watson said the exchange got him thinking.

Representative Williams, he said later, “brought up an important point. I agree that maybe it’s more appropriate that we call ourselves the House Republican caucus. And perhaps going forward that’s what I’ll do,” he said.

“… I have no problem doing that. I like to promote the Republican label.”

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