The Big Green Game

Brady With GoatTom Brady may really love goats, but Jack Groh might be the most important participant in this weekend’s festivities. Groh is the NFL’s environmental czar and it is his job to minimize the Super Bowl’s carbon foot print. His goal is to make the event carbon neutral. But as numerous people point out, buying offsets and planting a few trees does not a footprint neutralize.

Still, the greening of the sports world now has some inertia behind it. The Kodak Pro Cycling Team, surfing, the World Cup, even the NHL have all publicly stated their intentions to “greenwash” their events. My Philadelphia Eagles, in fact, were the first American pro sports team to begin greening their business. The idea has even started to trickle down to the apparel and equipment world.

Still, this smacks of a public-relations greenwash to me. Let’s see the NFL use its 100 million-strong, international audience to deliver a message of sustainability and consumer responsibility instead of, well, this.

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