As If Today Weren’t Super-Duper Enough

RISCA_2c copy Tonight if you’re not too busy primary-watching or eating brightly-colored cake and flashing your ta-tas in exchange for some gaudy beads, you might want to consider heading up to The Bucket for the RISCA Fellowship Exhibition at Machines With Magnets.

From 5-9, you can check out the work of David Allyn, Eamon Brown, Jesse Burke, Liz Collins, Kevin Cunningham, Thomas Doran, Sam Duket, Steven Easton, Stephen Fisher, Jennifer Kodis, Lloyd Martin, Daniel Talbot, and Arley-Rose Torsone.

Also, video installations featuring the works of choreographers Nathan Andary and Melody Ruffin Ward and music by Gerald M Shapiro and Nina Ott at listening stations in the gallery.

I have unrealistically high hopes for this show, since I haven’t been wowed by a show around here in some time.

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