Black Kids On MTV2 UK

Anyone who’s been coming out to LOADED!, which is tonight by the way, knows that I’ve been hitting this song hard for a few weeks now. This is what indie rock should be: insanely catchy and played by teenagers. Join us at Local 121 tonight and every Tuesday for the best of britpop, indie rock classics and fresh stuff too, glam, new wave and more than a few Jackson 5 songs…

2 thoughts on “Black Kids On MTV2 UK”

  1. We usually get dancing towards the end…and if you had requested Metal Mickey, I’d have played it! See you next week…

  2. So, my friends and I went to this last night, and I don’t know if it was the set up or a weird night or the weird weather or just a general dour mood, but no one was dancing! (Obviously not the fault of the djs. Great music, guys.) Do people normally dance on Tuesday nights? I know, I know, that if I want people dancing I should probably be dancing myself, glass houses and throwing stones and all that. All I know is that I am still holding onto the hope that there is or could be a great brit pop night in Providence and this is probably it.
    So, can we hear Metal Mickey next time?

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