Stench And Sensibility

2008_01I picked up the new Psychology Today on Monday in an effort to finally figure out what women find so repelling about me and I think I found it: I don’t stink enough! Seems that back in ancient times, I’m guessing the 50’s, before people bathed and all that, women picked their mates by their smell, as your sweat contains a smellable map of your DNA, hence your genetic strengths and weaknesses. In our modern go-go society, where humanity’s natural reek is washed away by soaps and scrubs and covered up by perfumes and full-body colognes people are making more and more horrible relationship decisions because our genetic compatiblity is being obscured by our obsessive cleanliness. Ladies, I am back in the game and this time you’re gonna smell me coming!

Scents and Sensibility, Psychology Today

3 thoughts on “Stench And Sensibility”

  1. I always dig dudes that smell like old spice…this explains everything

  2. First, I take exception to your premise — you are most definitely not repellent. However, I agree with the article, men should smell like men. Throw away the cologne!

  3. Wow. Thanks alot, Eric! As if the men in this town didn’t smell offensive enough…

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