snake handlers on a plane

snakes on plane Evangelical nutbags still have a strangle-hold on the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. The New York Times reports that three speakers invited to participate in a recent conference on terrorism may not be former Muslim terrorists as they claim, but rather proselytizing Christians.

Members of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a group suing the federal government to combat what it calls creeping evangelism in the armed forces, said it was typical of the Air Force Academy to invite born-again Christians to address cadets on terrorism rather than experts who could teach students about the Middle East.

“This stuff going on at the academy today is part of the endemic evangelical infiltration that continues,” said David Antoon, a 1970 academy graduate and a foundation member.

Experts say their stories just don’t add up and they aren’t even the correct ages, but the three former Muslim terrorists are very sure of one thing… “Jesus can change your life”.

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