If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

hillfashion Further proof that, believe it or not, US weekly readers care about news that actually matters, the gossip rag has a feature on Hillary Clinton.

“My Worst Outfits Ever!” in the February 18th issue showcases the losing looks of Senator Clinton through the years, with critiques allegedly penned by the candidate herself. From The New York Times:

“Mrs. Clinton pulled few punches against herself in the four-page spread, disowning outfits like the high-waisted striped pants from her college days (“It’s not my fault,” her comment read. “It was the ’60s.”) and a long, shaggy, violently multicolored coat (“I’m a big believer in recycling — even carpets!”). The unflinching portfolio also included pictures of Mrs. Clinton in baggy shorts, a polka-dot dress and a Christmas sweater that would make Bridget Jones blanch.”

I kind of love that after years of ridiculous scrutiny over her hair, clothing, looks, etc, Clinton is getting playful with her image, admitting fashion mistakes that any woman could be guilty of.

Does this move increase her likability? Sure. But, FYI, I still advocate for a focus on policies, voting records, campaign finance, and electability in choosing a candidate.

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