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WR_Banner_Main_01My itunes randomizer at work has a tendency of playing weirdNSFW, and mildly embarrassing songs at least three or four times an hour, so it was very nice of the folks over at Warped Reality to post some new tracks today, so I could have something new to listen to that I wouldn’t have to skip out of shame.

Although it’s been around since late 2005, I didn’t know about Warped Reality until Idolator posted about it recently.  Started by Providence-based Andrea Feldman (not the dead one), the blog posts consistently good stuff.  Although I might just be saying that because she likes the Valerie and Her Week of Wonders soundtrack, Lubos Fiser’s creepy score that surely makes my coworkers hate me.

Check out the not-super-frequently updated site for tracks by some bands that are hitting the area this weekend, like Calvin Johnson (Saturday at Brown), These Are Powers and Neptune (both at Great Scott, also on Saturday.)

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words about WR!! I didn’t even know about that Idolator post until just this very second. Peachy keen.

    How could anyone hate the Valerie soundtrack?! Feh. These kids today!

    PS: You may have heard this already, but The Valerie Project will be accompanying the film live at Boston’s MFA on April 5th.

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