Brown $ophomore gives HRC Big Buck$$

kidsca$$H $2800, to be exact. It’s standard practice for big-money donors to funnel yet more dough by having their spouses, kids, extended family and dead grandma give that campaign ca$hmoney. But you’ve got to wonder if the people whose names end up in the FEC database really support their candidates.

This is a tricky area, because there are certainly young people who just plain have an a$$load of money and can max out to campaigns. But there are also young people who don’t have that money, but whose parents give it to them so they can give to the campaign, which is essentially what Norman Hsu and other shady bundlers did, except with defrauded business partners instead of his children. When kids are just giving because their parents have maxed out, it seems icky.

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  1. Ari Savitzky

    Like I said, this is a tricky situation. Joe is right, particularly at Brown, there are 20 year olds who have 3k of their own dough to burn in the presidential race.

    And, as the link I put in there pointed out, giving money “from the kids” once you’ve maxed out is increasingly common, and is, nominally, illegal. Of course, if your campaign is heavily reliant on big donors it might be more likely to rely on such tactics, but let’s leave that aside.

    Bottom line: this is from a public database, and its public for a reason. And, while I don’t know this person and don’t mean to malign them (totally refrained from posting their facebook picture), this does seem to be a giving on behalf of the ‘rents type thing.

    Father=President of Comcast=Maxed out to HRC in March of 2007

  2. i don’t get this-on the one hand most of you on this blog probably think Brown students are intelligent and involved in the more serious aspects of current events(i think they’re generally way out to the left,but they’re at least not obsessing on britney) and yet there is suspicion of motive here-i am sure there are many Brown students with a large disposable income and it doesn’t strike me as unusual that Hillary Clinton(whom i despise beyond words) would have a substantial following at the school,so why the rush to suspicious judgement?

  3. Bradley Portnoy

    FYI, *SO* illegal to give money to someone so they can give it to a political candidate in order to get around the contribution limits. *SO* illegal.

  4. I obviously don’t know where her money is from. But I’d say that facilitating the election of a presidential candidate is very much a public act…

  5. Not okay, guys. Not okay. We don’t bust the tops of fellow kids of privilege.

    It’s one thing to shed light on suburbanites taking advantage of their babies, it’s another to make public the financial contributions of people we don’t speak for.

    If this woman has something to say, let her speak for herself. We have no business putting this on the blog. Bad move.

    Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

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