SEIU to endorse Obama

SEIU Logo This is big, and will move a lot of votes in RI:

Two labor sources tell Politico that the giant Service Employees International Union, which has been neutral through the primary, is on the verge of throwing its support to Sen. Barack Obama.

“It’s done,” said one person close to the union.

SEIU spokeswoman Stephanie Mueller confirmed that union leaders are set to discuss a potential endorsement today.

“Our board is going to be talking this evening,” she said. “This will be a topic of their conversation.”

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  1. my son is a member of one of the unions that endorsed obama-he hates politics and politicians and wouldn’t vote if a gun were held to his head(so much for genetics) but he wondered why his union endorsed anyone without taking a vote-chew on that one “progressives”and also the subject of “superdelegates”-very democratic that is

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