yes, Texas is awful, but

beckett It has been hard for me lately to keep an open mind about the Lone Star State, what with the current administration in Washington, and Halliburton and Enron, and the evil Belo corporation cutting and gutting our once-fine newspaper, the Providence Journal. And as if that wasn’t enough, yesterday I tuned in to the congressional hearings on steroid use in baseball and within a minute I was hearing a discussion of the palpable mass on Roger Clemens’ buttocks — an image I can not get out of my head!!!

But then I remembered that spring training had started, and the wonderful (Texan) Josh Beckett would soon be back on my TV, and maybe Texas isn’t such a bad place after all.

(The views expressed here are strictly my own and in no way reflect those of The Providence Daily Dose… although I bet they kinda really do… certainly the part about Roger Clemens’ buttocks.)

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  1. On behalf of all Texans living in New England, I say… way to stereotype a massively large group of people based on an extremely small sample size! Go Sox!

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