At Long Last, A Chance To Fully Utilise Your Forever Stamps

stamps I guess this is last week’s news, but I somehow missed it until now. The post office recently announced that they’re putting rates up again. Stamps that now cost 41 cents will soon be 42. Also, the USPS will introduce a 62 cent stamp for those of you who like to send square greeting cards.

Apparently all the revenue generated from converting mailboxes into R2D2s wasn’t enough, and the Postal Service now plans to raise prices every May. This year’s rate increase is happening on May 12th, which just happens to be my birthday. (And Burt Bacharach’s! And Ian Dury’s! And Henry Cabot Lodge’s!) Since I was born way back in 1981, the cost of mailing a letter has gone up 233%, which makes the 24% increase since 2000 seem almost tiny.

Check out the graph after the jump to see the damage:

stamp graph

[Found via the Free Republic message boards, where you can read people complain for hours and hours about how their Netflix envelopes get mailed.]

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