Worcester resident: Providence owns Worcester

WaterPlace Basin What a hilarious letter from Scott Wolfe in today’s Projo:

I was recently in Providence at the lovely Providence Place mall, where it finally dawned on me. As I walked around, I was happy and yet depressed, because I was so angry that Worcester had absolutely no upscale place for me to shop and offers no quality of life whatsoever, as Providence does.

The wonderful thing about Providence is that it is small enough to get around without any hassles. When I compare Worcester and all its ugly triple-deckers and bombed-out factories with idle smoke stacks, I cry.

Yep. That’s Providence for you. No bombed out factories whatsoever. No ugly buildings right downtown (certainly none like in the picture above). Who needs working infrastructure and living wages when you have the glorious upscale shopping of the Providence Place Mall?

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  1. Wow, this is late, but…Having lived in Worcester and Providence and Boston…Providence definitely owns Worcester.
    1) Boston is the best run, from infrastructure, public works, government etc, but id dies under its own size. Cost of living and traffic and so forth make it virtually impossible.
    2) Worcester is cheap and conveniently located but ugly, poorly run, has NOTHING to do. If you want to meet people or hang out there forget it you’re better off living in Worcester and driving to Boston or PVD. No shopping. NO public services. No nice area downtown. The only good thing is that you can live on the cheap very easily. Well that and maybe sitting on the porch of Vinny Ts in the summer with a beer.
    3) Providence takes the cake. It’s small, convenient and more affordable like Worcester. But has a social scene, shopping, and activities like Boston. Traffic is minimal at worst and the colleges really keep it interesting. The only real downside is the way government corruption ruins infrastructure development. But even that is coming along with the highway improvements (as slow as they are). RIPTA still has a long ways to go though…

  2. Heavy handed editors. “pwns” was not a typo, but rather a glorious expression of Intarweb speak. I WILL BE VINDICATED.

  3. I disagree on the Waterplace towers being ugly, I happen to like them and their good urban form (and it brings a different look to downtown).

    It should also be said that those who stay in a city long enough can get pretty jaded with their own city. Perhaps Mr. Wolfe is feeling that way about Worcester, while you’re feeling that way about Providence? I mean, seriously… would you actually call Worcester a more attractive city than Providence?

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