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Monopoly, the iconic game of capitalism, has been drawn into the dispute over Jerusalem.

Hasbro Inc. issued an apology Thursday after an employee, responding to complaints from pro-Palestinian groups, eliminated the word “Israel” after the city in an online contest to select names for a new Monopoly board game: Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition.

The company also pulled all country names from other cities on the site when even more people, including the Israeli government, complained because Jerusalem was listed as the only city without a country.

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  1. This letter has been circulating within the Jewish community:

    The maker of the 75 year-old game, Monopoly, is planning a new version
    using cities of the world instead of locations on the current board, i.e. Park
    Place. They are holding a contest to determine the twenty cities to be included. You can vote – once a day, every day until the end of Feb. – by going to the website: Of
    course, I want you to vote, as often as possible, for JERUSALEM, which is currently not in the top twenty (it was 22nd the other day). The first time you go to the site, you have to register so that you can get back in quickly each time after that. Remember, you can vote every day for the rest of this month. C’mon, we’ve got to make sure that Jerusalem is included in the new Monopoly game!
    Thank you.

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