c’mon, they’ve been writing

Poehler as HRC I suppose good writers can’t just turn their brains off for 12 weeks, and if a good idea popped into their heads who could blame them for jotting down a few notes in the fog of their bathroom mirrors. All I know is that last night’s Saturday Night Live was pretty damn good. Not many duds at all. And of course, we all know now that Fred Armisen is their Obama (or Fauxbama as Huffington would have it.) Visually good, but the voice is not there yet.

I also know that I would much rather have walked out of my house this morning and bumped into the fabulous Amy Poehler than the sea of Hill-billies I found clogging up my street and blocking my driveway waiting for Hillary to finish her brunch with Sheldon. Amy is a genius!

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