Supergrass Can Still Bring It


For a few, 1995 and the release of Supergrass’ I Should Coco (cockney slang for ‘I should hope so’, thanks, NME) was the real high water mark for the already cresting britpop invasion, led half-a-year or so earlier by Blur’s Parklife and of course Definitely Maybe. But it was I Should Coco, with its shaggy Buzzcockian pop-artistry and ultra-English Kinks aping birthed from many nights hovering over what I can only assume was a gigantic bong, that sealed the deal for me. Plus, “I’d Like To Know/Caught By The Fuzz” may be the best one-two opening punch of any album, ever. Though they’ve waned in their UK domination (lousy fickle Brits…) Supergrass never really went away, and oddly enough it’s been their last few records that have earned them their most commercial success in the US. Their new video, for “Bad Blood” is after the jump and I think it’s obvious that all that all of that youthful fire is still simmering under the surface somewhere, just a little older and slightly mellowed out. Man.

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  1. Good stuff…. check out this video for their track “Kiss Of Life” which was the original track that was tacked onto a Greatest Hits a few years ago:

    Talking Heads influence on the verse…. but the chorus is classic Supergrass all the way.

    The track is often overlooked because it wasn’t on a regular album.

  2. It’s me again. Of course. This sent me straight to their myspace and this and the other song ‘Diamond Hoo Ha Man’ are so great. When is this gonna be released in US? (Yes! Go ahead and laugh, I still pay for music!)

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