Tonight: IPod DJs and Regular DJs

l_cb6cef1c294240c8d0e0a24a1cdc43f8On the last Tuesday of every month, the Armageddon Shop DJs break out their IPods and head to the E&O. What do they play? Um, hard to describe. When I caught them at the Fez last month it was some weirdo metal, some scary/awesome satanic stuff from Norway, probably, and I think they played some Stooges. The point being it was really good and you’ll be perplexed and entertained. Buy them a drink and request some Pentagram. But don’t stay too late, because you have to head down to Local 121 for our weekly shiteshow Loaded! where we also play stuff you won’t hear anywhere else, like lost forgotten classics by the Charlatans UK, Chameleons UK, the London Suede, British Sea Power, basically any band that incorporates something English into their moniker. And The Jackson Five, because you can’t not play The Jackson Five, am I right or am I right?

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