Why do people keep talking to Dana Milbank?

I mean, it’s awesome that they do, because he writes more pointed stories than just about anybody. But, for their own sakes, why do they keep coming back for more bludgeoning?

The Christian Science Monitor had assembled the eminences grises of the Washington press corps — among them David Broder of The Post, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times and columnist Mark Shields — for what turned out to be a fascinating tour of an alternate universe.

First came Harold Ickes, who gave a presentation about Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s prospects that severed all ties with reality. “We’re on the way to locking this nomination down,” he said of a candidate who appears, if anything, headed in the other direction.

Recall his take-down of Pelosi from October, aptly titled, ‘Smile, Though Your Head Is Aching.’

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