“Angry White Men”

Stupid White Men I got to field the final question of yesterday’s press conference in support of the Campaign for Fairness, Respect and Civil Rights.

It was, “Does your gut tell you that all the people on the other side of this issue are racists?”

And my answer was something along the lines of, “No movement is a monolith, and so people on the other side are driven by a variety of different feelings and ideas. Sadly, racism still plays a large role in our society, so I’m sure that it motivates some people. But I don’t think my colleagues or most of their supporters are racist, and I can’t speak the the dispositions of every last person involved.”

Well, anyway. I stand by that answer — some people are racist, and some are not. And now I’ve got a whole inbox full of emails like this as evidence:

Rep. Segal;

I’m amazed that you are in support of this Campaign for Fairness. Unless I am missing something in your biography, you should be part of the group of angry white men.

I want to voice my frustration and disgust with people like yourself who cannot see that this country is going down the drain. We are being bled dry.

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