Maybe There’s A Separate ‘Heaven’ For Texans

texas demsIf not, could we start one?

I’m only just finishing the Sunday New York Times so I’m a little late on this one, but a column in the ‘Week in Review’ section got my blood to boiling and don’t you know it — it’s Texans again. Ruth Pennebaker (identified as an author of young adult novels — wouldn’t you just know) writes,

SOMEWHERE, Ann Richards and Molly Ivins — bless their big, demanding hearts and rest their impatient souls — must be sharing non-alcoholic margaritas and crowing with delight.

What the?!!!! How warped and malignant must one be to fashion this completely deranged version of heaven in which recovering alcoholics still can’t drink? (I suppose Ms. Pennebaker could be consigning her two heroes to hell, which would be a bit baffling.) Jeez, as if that TV commercial with the dieting angels eating lite cream cheese so their wings wouldn’t get fat wasn’t bad enough. Well, I don’t happen to believe in heaven. But …. if I’m wrong… do not stand between me and the bar.

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