Way back in Kansas, RI, Kansas

John SebeliusI got a scary loop-de-loop of Kansas RI connectivity this morning when I opened a Roz Chast greeting card sent by my mother only to find two promotional postcards for Kansas-RI-Kansas transplant and recent RISD grad John Sebelius. Sebelius, in addition to being our silver-haired governor‘s son, is also a clothing and game designer. He sells his prison-themed, Monopoly-style board game and retooled vintage dress shirts with dreaded Black men screened across their lapels from his website and at my former stomping grounds, Hobbs Inc.

It is really boring to make the same old comments on this type of weirdo Mark Ecko shit, so I won’t. But I’m curious to know if any dose readers know Sebelius’ work from RISD days and what might have contributed to his fascination with incarcerated people of color. To fuel the hype more, check this article from my hometown’s better-than-the-Projo local rag.

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