Why Isn’t This A Reality Show?

Movie Camera This is from the Projo, about Michael Corrente’s attempt to find 10 scripts for 10 movies to be filmed in Rhode Island:

“I’ll make the movie, I promise you. If you send me a script and it’s good and it’s done, I will make that movie for a million dollars. Rhode Island’s a great place to be making movies right now.”

Corrente’s ScareRI is a competition offering unknown screenwriters the chance to pitch him a horror-movie script. Corrente, director of films such as Outside Providence and American Buffalo, created an open call for writers to pitch him their scripts and from those he said he would make 10 feature-length movies, filmed entirely in Rhode Island, with A-list actors as stars. The scripts had to be set in one location, with no more than 10 characters, and could not exceed 90 pages, the equivalent of 90 minutes of screen time.

Are any Dosers participating in this? I’m a bit confused as to exactly what sorts of commitments have been made, and to whom. But it seems like a pretty cool thing, and a nice investment by Corrente in his home town.

Update: Dan Barbarisi sends along some details, via link to his first story on this project.

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  1. I spoke with Mike Ryan of the Rhode Island Film collaborative and he informed me that the recent event covered by the ProJo was more or less a photo-op for the 20 finalists (of which he is one!!!). He promises to keep The Dose up to date on any developments concerning the project and/or the RIFC.

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