forget the tiles, there’s real money on the table

scrabulous A front page story in today’s New York Times examines the weird legal jousting between the creators of Scrabulous, the Agarwalla brothers (may I suggest they shorten it to Agarbro?) and the owners of Hasbro, the Hassenfeld Brothers. It’s a squirrely sort of problem given the tension between protecting the property rights and some significant profits on the one hand and finessing the public relations issue on the other. (Why did I just picture Mr. Burns rubbing his fingers together?) I’ll bet it’s driving them crazy over there.

I am not an online Scrabble player because I want to know where your hands are at all times. It turns out there exists an “online ‘helper’ program, which generates a list of possible words based on the letters a user has.” Oh great, I was already picturing some creepy naked guy rubbing himself… now he’s cheating at Scrabble.

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