Here’s A Poll We Can All Get Behind

Look at us! Right up there on the top of the ballot for Best Blog/Podcast in the Phoenix’s best shit of the year or whatever. So obviously you need to go there now, vote early and often, and tell 75 Or Less they can suck it.

6 thoughts on “Here’s A Poll We Can All Get Behind”

  1. it is an honor to be nominated by the phoenix only six years after newsweek and usa today first gave us coverage. we are just happy to be riding daily dose’s coattails in this blogosphere thingy and encourage everyone to vote for the “dose” as blog o’ the year.

  2. how the hell did rachlin’s blog (overheard in prov) get on there? he’s posted like 5 times in the last 3 weeks, and none of them were even about providence

  3. Two more things about this poll. First, you all must go and vote for the lovely Miss Lara from Local 121 as best bartender, and two, um, there is no Best Band category. Seriously? Am I missing it?

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