Oh God Make It Stop!

So apparently the reunion that nobody really cared about anyway is officially on the rocks. And not in a good way, like a Dewars, but in the Eddie-can’t-play-guitar-anymore way, and that’s not even taking into consideration Diamond Dave’s completely awful sangin’: You knew he was going to be bad, but Eddie? In the clip above, try to hang in there for the solo, it’s the polar-opposite of a money shot.

2 thoughts on “Oh God Make It Stop!”

  1. Oh my god, give me back the five minutes of my life that sucked into being mentally and audibly tortured by that. Seriously, give me five minutes!

  2. If I may paraphrase Ralphie from last night’s ‘Simpsons’… “The giant microphone symbolizes obviousness”. What a sorry spectacle. It diminishes us all.

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