outsider art by guys who never go outside

Bleu tremolo pedal

In another age these artisans would have been illuminating manuscripts or fashioning jewel-encrusted arks for some dead saint’s finger, but how does this creative impulse express itself in modern times? For some clever types the guitar effects pedal has become the canvas of choice. Fan site Build Your Own Clone has a forum where people can share pictures of their finest work. Check out Pedal Pageant or Show Off Your Completed Build — the Frankenberry and Hellraiser pedals are pretty cool. Pictured here is a tremolo pedal customized by multi-talented area musician Eric Barao, frontman of The Cautions. He created this for his pal and frequent collaborator Bleu referencing Bleu’s (excellent) 2000 album ‘Headroom’. I wish I needed a pedal — I kinda want one.

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