Canada gets weirder (sic)

Man, I hate jokes about Canadians — almost as much as I hate jokes about Jersey. But then, this seems like a story that’d be equally comfortable in either locale. Or in Providence:

GABRIOLA ISLAND, British Columbia — Should a fourth human foot float ashore here in the evergreen Gulf Islands off the west coast of Canada, the person who finds it would no doubt want to know the answers to three questions.

Is it a right foot?

Is it wearing a running shoe?

Is the shoe a size 12?

After all, for the first three feet that surfaced on the rocky coastlines of three separate islands in the Strait of Georgia over the last six months, the answer has been yes in nearly every case. The only uncertainty is what size shoe No. 3 was wearing when it was spotted by a boater on the beach of remote Valdez Island on Feb. 8. The coroner’s office, facing a bit of a news media blitz, has yet to say.

2 thoughts on “Canada gets weirder (sic)”

  1. this is really weird-could it be a hoax perpetrated by a funeral home employee?i mean who takes the socks off a corpse in the casket to check if the feet are still there?the “washing up” part is particularly strange-thides and currents are not THAT predictable to ensure that the item will wash up where inetended,so that it can be easily discovered-too many questions attached to this for easy believability as a legit situation

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