Encore Awards

If you’ve got a pile of C-notes lying around that you’re not sure what to do with, then maybe tonight you’ll want to take a date to the Arts and Business Council’s Encore Awards, where you can drop $75 each to watch awards given to a bunch of people that you probably don’t care about unless you regularly see them for free anyway. (The president of RISD! The Providence Singers! Bearded Clay Rockefeller!)

Dad+Bowling There’s party also includes food by trendy local restaurants in environments created by local designers. (A word to the vegetarians, though–don’t plan on eating much; last year I ended up devouring everything at the Garrison table and then scarfing Frosted Flakes when I got home.)

For $150 you can get in early and get priority parking and whatnot, but if you’re a cheapskate you can check out the after-party for just $20. It features a performance by Triangle Forest, records spun by bearded-ish Tim O’Keefe* and non-bearded Ty Jesso, and, um, something by Ted Butler. There may be other performers too but the poster is making my eyes bleed so I’m not sure.

The shenanigans will tastefully occur at the awfully-named Hope Artiste Village tonight.

(*Not this one, sadly.)

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