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Kennedy Plaza Brussat’s column today. To quote our friend David Byrne: some good points, some bad points — both in the column, and at Kennedy Plaza. But I think Brussat hits the nail on the head, here:

But a bus station next to a skating rink flanked by two parks and surrounded by civic, residential and commercial buildings add up to a lot more than many American or even European civic squares offer. We mustn’t sniff at what we have. It is not too crowded. It could, of course, be better maintained. Yet perhaps it can still be improved.

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  1. true, true. in editorializing in support of various developments downtown (fogarty hotel, power block, etc) projo never mentions just how happy it is to see its own property values flying through the roof — be it on the building or the parking

  2. Why why why why do I let myself get tricked into reading his one note columns that all beat the same tired drum?

    This is as far as I got, I gave up on it:

    Only the lot northeast of Kennedy Plaza fails to anchor its corner. In 2006, a 20-story tower in a traditional style was proposed for that site but was attacked by the design reviewers of the Capital Center Commission, and hasn’t been seen since.

    The implication that this project was sunk by the CCC is wrong. The CCC sent the developer (thanks for forgetting to put the rider in our purchase-and-sale agreement and thanks for the $10,000,000) Caprionato, back to the drawing board because they proposed a completely putrid building. Carpionato was working on improving the design, in a very traditional style which should make Brussat do somersaults through the plaza, when Carpionato stopped the project.

    Blame the housing market, not CCC.

    Oh, and the Journal’s surface lot at Eddy and Fountain does anchor the Kennedy Trapezoid (I did like that suggestion)? If one is going to be critical publicly, then one needs to not excuse ones boss from that criticism.

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