Strippers Invade Johnston

pizza strips Remember when Johnston Town Hall had that big Defecit Reduction Clock on their front lawn that counted down for a while, started over, and then mysteriously disappeared one day?

Well, the defecit may still be around, but another countdown in America’s most Italian suburb is finally over. Today marks the grand re-opening of D Palmieri’s bakery on Killingly Street. The bakery, a Johnston institution for thirty-six years, burned down after an overheated oven started a fire last July. There’s a party going on at the new place, um, right now, and lucky people that aren’t working are doubtless getting their hands dirty with that most Rhode Islandy of foods, the pizza strip. Cheeseless and room temperature, Palmieri’s has among the best–a little oilier than you’d get at, say, Crugnale’s, but with a sauce that tastes more like really flavorful tomatoes and less like powdered oregano.

2 thoughts on “Strippers Invade Johnston”

  1. Ari Savitzky

    Seriously some of the best Rhode Island pizza and local flavors around. I wish I had gone to the grand re-opening- So glad Palmieri’s is back!

  2. And when I say “cheeseless,” I mean “with a dusting of Parmesan, which isn’t like pizza strips at most other places.” Sorry, it’s been a while.

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