Next time you buy a pack of cigs, Skittles, or condoms, better pray to FDR

When’s the last time you checked for your SS card before you hit up a Sleven’s?

PROVIDENCE — All José Genao planned to do at the heating equipment supply store was buy a spare part for his boiler.

While the owner began searching for the part, Genao and his friend began speaking to each other in Spanish.

As owner David C. Richardson was ringing up Genao’s $18 purchase, he demanded to see their Social Security cards.

What followed was a telling encounter underscoring the tensions in this country over immigration and ethnicity.

7 thoughts on “Next time you buy a pack of cigs, Skittles, or condoms, better pray to FDR”

  1. Does anyone really card around their social security card? You’re kind of screwed if you lose it.

  2. i absolutely cannot condone what this individual did.but calling the group he belongs to racist is ridiculous based on one person’s behavior-steven brown has already been squawking,but let’s be even-handed-does the fact that the head of the aclu in virginia and an aclu staff attorney named cunningham in ny were both convicted on child porn charges mean that all the aclu members are pedophiles?even i,who despises the aclu doesn’t believe that for a minute- pat crowley on ri’s future has basically smeared all riile members-i am probably wasting my time posting this here,but each individual person is responsible for his/her behavior-the only vendors entitled(actually required by law) to ascertain if a customer is legally in the country are firearms dealers and dealers in demolitions supplies(you know-tnt,dynamite,etc)which makes sense

  3. The scariest thing of all is that there are probably lots of people who think that way (even if they’re not brazen enough to pull a stunt like this guy’s).

  4. I say people ask him to see his Social Security card before they make purchase.

  5. The best part is how he pulled out some card he made on his inkjet like it gave him some superior position.

  6. I read this article this morning. Sometimes I can’t believe that this type of behavior and thinking still exist, but here’s proof that it does. Despicable.

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