Aww snap, hclinton just got pwned

Well the democratic primary race continues to slide into a morass of he said she said, but as I am clearly on the side of Clinton-started-it I thought I’d join the party by highlighting a couple of this week’s most direct attacks on her campaign and its tactics.

First we have the Obama campaign’s no holds barred response to a recent statement released by Clinton entitled “Keystone Test: Obama Losing Ground.”

Second, last night’s Keith Olbermann Special Comment tirade in which he lambasts Clinton for her tepid response to the Geraldine Ferraro “because he is black” comments. Though I agree with Olbermann here I do have to say.. take some chill pills Keith. Seriously, calm down, we’ll get through this one, just breath.

Finally, I will personally add my voice to the chorus of disgust with Clinton’s recent negative tactics. Isn’t she supposed to want what’s best for the country? Can she not see the damage she is doing to the democratic party and its chance to win in November? I simply can’t feel good about voting for someone so overtly power hungry and desperate to win.

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