Bike for Obama

Just wanted to pass on to the good bikers of Providence that a friend of mine from Boston is organizing a two day cycling event and fundraiser in support of Barack Obama. The two day tour begins in Cambridge on Friday, April 4, at 10:00am and ends in Provincetown on Sunday, April 6, at 1:00pm.

Here’s the event description from their Facebook page:

Volunteer for Obama! Bike for Obama is committed to electing Barack Obama president. It is organizing a cycling trip from Cambridge, Massachusetts along the coast to Cape Cod, and up to Provincetown. We will be taking a ferry back to Boston from there. Total distance is 122 miles, so training is important.

$150 fundraising requirement – get ten people to give fifteen bucks.

Riders are responsible for their own food, lodging and transportation. We anticipate these expenses to total $80-$100, so we recommend riders raise these funds separately from the fundraising minimum.

Unfortunately I personally will be unable to attend, however it sounds like a great opportunity to actively show your support for Obama. For more information visit the official “Bike for Obama” Facebook or email

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