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By funkEpunkEmonkE

If Matthew McConaughey wants you to ‘Frost Yourself’ in the movie How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, and Jenna Jameson Wants You to ‘Pleather Yourself’ for PETA, how do I avoid looking like I’m meeting Duff Goldman in the bedroom?

Jenna Jameson has teamed up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to create a sexy Bettie Page inspired ad campaign promoting pleather. I’m all for vintage, but Jenna impersonating Bettie? Jenna is known as a blonde bombshell, while Bettie Page was the dark, bad girl of pin-up. Jenna would have been better in the 2004 Anna Nicole Smith as Marilyn Monroe campaign. They could have used Bernie Dexter, who isn’t a big name like Jenna, but is known as the modern Bettie. Would have made more sense.

Even worse, the tagline ‘Pleather Yourself’ is a blatant rip off of the ad campaign in How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days. Matthew McConaughey urges you to ‘Frost Yourself’. Also something that makes much more sense.

Anyways, enough rant, I think the cause is a worthy one. Most cows, pigs, and sheep who are slaughtered for their skin endure miserable lives in factory farms, where extreme crowding, deprivation, unanesthetized castration, branding, and dehorning are common. Anything that stops that is good, but PETA needs to take a step back and fire their ad company.

In other news, how green is your bike ride?

The Sierra Club can help you find out how green your ride is. I scored a 85 and would have done much better if I rode my bike in the dark and cleaned the chain with oranges.

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  1. It’s not really a rip of it’s a poof or ‘homage” and how to lose a guy in 10 days was not that great of a movie so it’s not even like anyone would notice anyways lol I think Jenna looks hot and I think Anna was god t do Marilyn because they were both blonde- bigger women. Jenna’s body and face looks more like Beetty Paige, and Betty was a bad girl like you said- so is Jenna. Marilyn & Anna did playboy- more ‘good” than hardcore porn ;D

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