Great Moments In Irish History, Part 3

Something Happens Something Happens were something of a one-hit wonder, I guess, in the sense that BRU used to play the hell out of their song “Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello (Petrol)” back in 1990 (and once a year or so on the retro lunch after that) and I’ve never heard it anywhere else ever, saving when I play it myself. But it made #40 on the NME’s list of best songs of that year–higher than “Velouria” and “The Power” by Snap!–and regardless of whether the album Stuck Together With God’s Glue is any good, it’s at least got a clever title.

Bouncy and delirious, “HHHHH(P)” is on par with The Chills’ “Heavenly Pop Hit” or The La’s “There She Goes,” but without the Chills’ New Zealand accents or drug subtext that everybody insists is in the La’s song. The video is insanely 1990-esque, with a blue screen, terrible hairdos, and, um, beach balls being mysteriously thrown at badly-coiffed singer Tom Dunne. Did I mention his hairdo?

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