Great Moments In Irish History, Part 4

mundy One of the many, many, many, many, many artists to get signed to a major label in the nineties, then get dropped and tied up with litigation and crap for years and years without getting a chance to follow up on the breakthrough, Mundy’s actually quite popular in his homeland these days. Stateside, though, he’ll only ever be known–by those that even remember–as the guy that sang the song on the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack about kissing someone until they’re dead.

“To You I Bestow,” the Romeo and Juliet track, is way better than anything else on Jelly Legs, the kooky-voiced singer-songwriter’s debut album. At about five minutes long, it alternates between whiny, goofy, and surreal; he actually says “thine,” “the foggy dew,” and something about dancing to the orchestra on the lawn in the garden. What a casanova! It ends with a trippy freakout, too.

Since the success of that song and inability to follow up with it for years, he’s started his own label and put out three albums himself, which have been popular enough that he won the Best Male Artist award at the 2003 Meteors, Ireland’s version of the Grammys. This despite the fact that the music’s kind of on the Van Morrison side of meh, including a really cheesy cover of “Let’s Stay Together” that you can hear, should you want to, on his Myspace. But I’m warning you–it ain’t pretty.

Here’s the video, starring Jordan Catalano’s girlfriend and the guy that Kathy Bates had to teach how to use the right silverware:


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