Anti-Imperialist Dance Party! Funky and Fly!

UPDATE by Will Emmons:

Just got back from this event and it went insanely well. Providence SDS showed up with an anti-imperialist funk machine in the form of two speakers in a shopping cart jury-rigged to a car battery and connected to someone’s mp3 player.  The funk machine was decorated with mad anti-war signs and flags. The greatest moment of my life was watching a shopping cart bumping with Daft Punk leading a train of dozens of colorfully clad activists to take Kennedy Plaza. Many young people who were waiting for buses realized that the FUNK THE WAR dance party was way cooler than where ever they were planning to go and we ended up with a head count of over 50 folks dancing on and around the Civil War memorial which had been taken over with “Providence Students for a Democratic Society” and “Resist U.S. Empire” banners. During an intermission in the dancing, Brown student Sopheya Lambertson, ’11, and RISD student Kat Poe, ’09, explained that this dance party wasn’t just about protesting five years of war but also taking back public space for activities other than working and consuming.  Special kudos goes out to the high schooler with the koi tattoo who was break dancing and the folks who fronted the money for the car battery. My only complaint was that no M.I.A. was played.

Check back later for rockin’ pictures and be sure to check out the rest of Providence SDS’s 5th Anniversary of the War Week of Action, like tomorrow’s anti-war march with the RI Spring Mobilization Committee starting at 4:00 PM from Burnside Park (next to Kennedy Plaza) and marching to the headquarters of the war profiteer and cluster bomb manufacturer Textron and then to the State House.  You’ll remember that it was Providence SDS that started this recent round of Textron activism last March with a die-in where Dylan V. Cofer-Shabica was arrested for smearing the building with raspberry jam.  

Oh and to the police who videotaped us: put that shit on Youtube so I can show my mom.

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 Join Providence Students for Democratic Society and friends during day 2 of their 5th Anniversary of the War Week of Action this evening as they say FUNK THE WAR!!! with an outdoor dance party against empire in Kennedy Plaza. People will start shakin’ what they got at around 6 PM (folks from Brown heading down from Faunce Arch around 5:30). Be sure to dress supah fly!

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  1. We were GONNA play some MIA but Joe was afraid the gun shots in bucky done gun was gonna get the po on us

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