All those tax cuts really are creating jobs!

The Boston Globe chimes in, with this hard-hitting piece on the butler shortage, now approaching critical levels:

There are no official statistics on the high-end domestic service industry, but Charles MacPherson, president of his own placement and consulting agency and former head of the International Guild of Professional Butlers, has declared a nationwide butler shortage.

“It is such an issue that our firm has decided to open a butler and household management school to help offset the lack of supply,” he said. “There are more millionaires and billionaires in the world today, and though there is not a shortage, per se, of people to work in the homes, what’s missing is qualified people.”

3 thoughts on “All those tax cuts really are creating jobs!”

  1. joe bernstein

    Well,David,my wife and I together make a LOT less than six figures a year;we still contribute to charities and help out people in our family.I keep the thermostat at 60 on winter nights and still get a $300-400 gas bill because there’s just so much you can do with an old house and steam heat.
    And every time the irresponsible government(state and city) squanders what they take from us,they figure-let’s go shake down the people who aren’t collecting.Meanwhile top dogs in the GA get complementary SUV’s-fuck them.In your case I will admit they probably haven’t comped you a tricycle.My son works a a low paying union job and he has a family to support and for some reason he can’t get food stamps,while illegal aliens sometimes do.He’s Hispanic,but I guess his crime is being born in the USA.Look at the teacher’s unions for some reasons the public schools are underperforming-my daughter taught in some of the worst schools in Providence for nine years and cared a great deal for her students,but I heard plenty about what goes on in the school system.She left to get her Phd and I hope she finds a better system when she’s done.Regressive taxes?How about the auto tax?Or the proposed taxes on services.Do you think only rich people get their carpets cleaned,or use a tax preparer,or a plumber,or a tree service?That taxation idea is the most regressive thing I’ve heard of.Until the GA can prove they are responsible stewards of public funds I say no to tax increases.And I did not engage in an ad hominem attack-I pointed out quite correctly that you and Jerzyk throw a lot of accusations out at people that you don’t even know.Maybe you’d like to tax my disability pension from the VA-I had so much fun qualifying for it.How about making state employees pick up some more of their health costs.As a federal retiree I pay 50% of my health insurance premiums and that’s the same as an active employee,except the active employee’s premiums are considered pre-tax income and the retirees’ is taxable income.Now does that sound equitable?And you wonder why I sound pissed off.I have never evaded taxes I owe,nor paid late,which is more than can be said for some GA members.I wonder how much money Patrick Kennedy pays in taxes to RI.How come public transportation sucks so bad in RI?I am a strong advocate of light rail and trackless trolleys(clean and long lasting)because many people at entry level jobs can’t afford to drive to work,or even get a car.I grew up in a pretty rundown area of Brooklyn,and never needed a car because I could go anywhere on public transit.The GA spends money on crap when they could be putting it into helping people commute to work cheaper and more easily resulting in less people collecting.That’s all for now.

  2. Come on, Joe — Those people with modest incomes aren’t benefiting from the tax cuts for people making 200,000/year — and they don’t support those tax cuts. They are, however, getting slammed by the regressive property taxes, and under-performing public schools, that follow from the current tax scheme. The tax bill that you decry, fyi, includes property tax rebates for middle and low-income RIers, and would be a tax cut for 90% of the people in our state.

    (I love that you get to resent me both for being “rich,” and for living on around $20k/year. And please note which one of us is throwing around the ad hominems.)

  3. joe bernstein

    Does it ever occur to you that there are ordinary people with decent but essentially modest incomes trying to help people in their own family affected by the current economy?And you,who probably pay little or no taxes(i will be glad to meet you anywhere and swap tax returns SS#’s blocked out)are very comfortable fucking over the average middle class taxpayer with taxes on every service imaginable,higher income tax,and a fantasy property tax reduction to assuage your rich child guilt over having grown up comfortably.Whenever you or your friend Jerzyk are questioned about this you begin to whine about “haters” and “right wing fanatics”-personally I would laugh out loud if Dick Cheney dropped from a coronary right now-but you left wing dilettantes have no clue about how much you piss off average people.You and your cohorts are skating on very thin ice over a deep cold pool of water.

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