Quite a stir over at RIFuture

Matt Jerzyk’s post about the insularity of the Rhode Island affordable housing community has generated 60 or so comments.   His concerns were spurred by the rejection of funding for an innovative and important project on Providence’s South Side:

The bad news is that renewable energy innovation is not coming to the urban core.  For instance, the HRC bypassed, for the second time, the 1040 Broad St. project which would have created affordable ownership opportunities for residents and business owners while using solar power to eliminate electricity bills.  Even though all of the rest of the project financing was in place, 1040 Broad St. was rejected.

As the Governor moves to slash funding for affordable housing, and the historic tax credits land on the chopping block, it’s more important than ever that we make sure that every penny spent on housing is doing the most possible good.

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  1. I mean it kinda makes sense though right? Big business needs to be able to tear stuff down to “develop” the area, and that’s more difficult if there’s a bunch of pesky homeowners around.

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