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[Update: There have been several comments on the RIFuture cross-posting of this.  And I just added this subsequent post.]

Here are some choice excerpts from the shit show, in response to the Governor’s executive order. Feel free to chime in with something that’s not racist:

“Juan Pichardo needs to SHUT UP and go back to the Dominican Republic. He is anti-American.”

“Illegal immigration in Rhode Island is shameful and is in no way similar to our immigration past, which was full of lawful peolple, speaking english and going to school or work.”

“Wait..who’s that knocking? It’s the ACLU and every elected official in Providence with an accent crying racism. This will go to court and get overturned like everything else anyone tries to do to get rid of illegals. I’m starting to hate immigrants altogether legal or illegal!!”

This one might be sarcasm, but who knows:

“Not nearly enough. We need action, now. We need to form vigilante groups and take out the illegals. Stop them from buying plumbing supplies. Stop them from walking on our streets. We need to do this now!!!!!”

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    Why doesn’ this appear with David Segal’s name on it?That’s how it was posted on RI’s Future where I don’t submit comments.Anyway,how does the Governor become responsible for comments other people make.The Governor is actually re-instituting a program that was put into place about 1984 where INS monitored the ACI population and held deportation hearings right at the institution,allowing for instant removal(in most cases) of criminal illegal aliens and legal residents with qualifying convictions that rendered them deportable.It’s no surprise that this administration has neglected to use such an excellent program,but Bush hasn’t got any more sense in dealing with immigration than Clinton did,maybe even less.David-do you really want to help criminal aliens avoid detection?I don’t think we have a shortage of criminals here that needs to be supplemented by those from abroad.Your current bill is very poorly conceived-we’re not discussing relatively benign illegal aliens merely working here-there is no physical means available to deprot 12-20 million people-incentive reduction is the answer in that situation.There is however,a good possibility that we can deport a significant number of alien criminals.Would you like to explain to me why you think that is a bad idea?And if it’s not a bad the bill you submitted.The Governor described your bill as absurd on a recent radio show.

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