Bob Dylan: Not There. Todd Haynes: There.

todd haynesDirector Todd Haynes has made some awesome movies over the years, from the Karen Carpenter Barbie doll Superstar to glammy Velvet Goldmine to the cold and creepy Safe, which is probably the best one of all. He’s also made some dreadfully crappy movies, like the insanely tedious Poison, as well as some so-so movies, like the overrated Far From Heaven.

I don’t particularly like Bob Dylan and haven’t seen I’m Not There yet, so I’m not sure where it falls on the goodness spectrum, but tomorrow night at the RISD auditorium there’s a screening of it and then he’ll be discussing it afterwards.

It’s the kickoff to Brown’s Pride Month, an event-filled time featuring a bunch of cool-sounding lectures and films and such just about every day. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re into feminist pornography, could use an anonymous HIV test, want to experience something called Rainbow Day, or just want to know how to have a gender-free tantric orgasm without taking your clothes off. Check out their calendar for more details.

2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan: Not There. Todd Haynes: There.”

  1. I loved Velvet Goldmine… men in eyeliner… great soundtrack. Once again, my Scrabble obligations continue to intrude.
    PS You owe me a Coke.

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