Old money does not for good taste make.

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The push is on to ban the reviled Segway from the streets and sidewalks of ‘America’s Society Capital’ aka ‘the Queen of Summer Resorts’ aka ‘the City by the Sea’. aka, Newport:

NEWPORT — The Newport City Council is considering an ordinance to ban Segway personal transporters from city streets and sidewalks.

The two-wheeled, single-person battery-operated vehicles can go about 12 miles an hour. Riders stand and steer with a handlebar.

The city last year denied a request from a tour operator to run Segway tours around downtown Newport and to the city’s famous oceanside mansions, saying they could be a traffic hazard. Segways are used in other tourist destinations around the country to give tours.

A spokesman for New Hampshire-based Segway told the council Wednesday night that cars, scooters, roller blades and bicycles can go on city streets and sidewalks, and Segways should be no different.

But at least they’re not neon green, by default.

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  1. See what happens when someone on the town council says “I don’t like those things… they’re silly” ?

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