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frodo … we have our Iggy Pop. Okay, it is not exactly breaking news that Elijah Wood will be handling the part he was clearly put on this earth to play. We’ll see. As far as I’m concerned nothing is gonna top Ewan McGregor as the Iggy-manque in Velvet Goldmine. As Matt has already mentioned in this space, the director of that movie, Todd Haynes is in town tonight with his multi-Dylan movie (and a Q & A opportunity!) at the RISD Auditorium. It’s being sponsored by Brown and here’s what they have to say on their calendar:

Todd Haynes graduated from Brown University in the semiotics department in 1985, and went on to receive an M.F.A. from Bard College. He is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker often billed as representative of the New Queer Cinema. His filmography includes Superstar, Dottie Gets Spanked, Far from Heaven, and I’m Not There. This last, most recent film is an exploration of the life of musician Bob Dylan through forays into performance theory and gender theory. Todd will be screening his film “I’m Not There” followed by a Q&A session and an informal reception.

Todd Haynes went to Brown?!! Did everybody know that but me? At any rate, there’s a vid after the break if you want to see Ewan McGregor doing ‘TV Eye’. I love this movie. Full-frontal (and nearly rectal) so NSFW. Iggy Pop played his own Dad.

Todd Haynes tonight/7:00PM start time for Q&A and film/RISD Auditorium


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